To Chile and Back


We were in Mendoza last time I wrote. I said I was going to go skydiving, and I was really going to, but…when the skydiving guy came to pick me up from the hostel, he took one look at me and asked ¨how much do you weigh?¨ Alas, I was too heavy for the what the current weather was. If there is no wind, and you weigh over 90 kilos, which I do, then the landing would be too fast and there is a chance of losing all your teeth.

Anyway, after Mendoza, we went to Santiago, Chile, through the gargantuan Andes mountains. The highest peak in the area is a modest 22,841 feet, or 4.3 miles. There is this dance music song which goes roughly like ¨castles in the sky, please tell me why, all the castles way up high¨ That is what some of these andean peaks looked like, or at least the ones below the snow line. Colorful castles in the sky. The colors ranged from a light beige to a dark red, with all shapes and sizes of spires stemming from the main bodies of rock. After a while, it´s a sensory overload. So much to see and it just keeps on c oming. I´m not going to write any more because I am lazy.


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