History before my very own eyes, albeit a little delayed!


I was bored, just a few minutes ago, so I went out to buy some chocolate. On the way to the supermarket, I came across a strange sight. Behind a clear glass window, was a fully equipped and staffed radio station. Apparently, the actions of the radio station are open to the public. Even more intriguing, earlier in the day Hilda Molina was interviewed right at that spot. I didn´t know who she was, but I looked her up straight away, in fact a couple of mins ago. She was the former chief of neurosurgery of Cuba. After a while, she became critical of the Cuban gov´t. In sum, its been 15 years since she has been able to see her son who lives in Argentina. This month, fortunately, she was given permission by Raul Castro to see her son in Argentina. I just happened to miss it by a matter of hours.

Did I mention restaurants don´t open till 8 pm, and people don´t show up until 930. Damn, the Argentinians´ schedule is bizarre.

And to add to that, they don´t go out till 2 so I am bored drinking wihtout anything do to afterwards.


3 Responses to “History before my very own eyes, albeit a little delayed!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

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  2. Anonymous Says:

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  3. Bryan Johnson Says:

    Yes, you may.

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