Reverse Seasons


I am in Mendoza, Argentina. Every street is lined with what looks to me to be oak trees. The leaves are a late-autumn orange. I haven’t gotten out in the city yet because I am busy uploading a lot of photos. So I will talk about Buenos Aires instead.

The city does not look like it is from the Americas, or at least from what I have seen of them. Instead of the chaotic clutter that permeates places like Mexico City, Lima, Bogota, and Caracas, Buenos Aires had a more organized feel. At first glance, Buenos Aires appears to be a European city. The avenues are broad. Most of the people are white European types. The drivers aren’t that crazy.

Anyway, what did we do in Buenos Aires? We walked around, took in the usual city sights. It is an overall aesthetically pleasing city. I tried to go out one night, but their custom beat me. It was around 3 a.m. in the morning. There were a bunch of Argentinians at the hostel. I asked them when they would be going out and they said 330 or 4. By the time we were waiting online to get in a club it was already past 4, and we didn´t even end up going in because of some identification isues. Instead I had some Mickey Ds and a cafe tinto.

Sorry, I´m skipping ahead to a great piece of adventure news: Skydiving. That is what I will be doing today. They pick me up at 12, wish me luck(i.e. that the chute does not fail).


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