We arrived in Medellin not yesterday, but the day before. The airport is roughly 40 km outside of the Medellin´s urban zone. The taxi ride in sure was pretty. Medellin is nestled within the green foothills of the Andes mountains. By foothills, I really mean mountains because these ¨foothills¨are larger than anything one will see in the northeast. They just happen to not be the really large Andes mountains.

Anyway, we drove around curved roads, soaking in the spectacular mountainous environs. The air smelled faintly of burning firewood, as people were cooking in their roadside houses.

As we entered the city center, the countryside disappeared behind the tall buildings. We stayed for one night in the city center, which was more than enough. The center was absolutely packed tight with people, cars, and,worst of all, exhaust emitting Buses of every different shape, color and size. And there were many indigents, constantly hassling us for some cash.

For dinner the first night, we headed to Hatoviejo, a restaurant with traditional medellin meals. I ordered the Plato Montañero. Oh boy, delicious. The dish consisted of ground beef, fried pork rinds, a sausage, a fried egg, a fried plantain, a fried banana, and rice. On the side came a large bean soup, at which point Kate urged me to stop eating because I would have problems later.

The next day, we did a whirlwind tour of the city center, taking in the massive Catedral Metropolitano. On the outside, the catedral was made up entirely of bricks. and there was no way to get the whole building into one photo because it was simply too big. The interior was cavernous, reminding me of a secene out of some indiana jones movie. The other site worth mentioning was the palacio (forgot the name). The outer facade was a checkered white, black, and green and it stood nicely above the nearby park. We weren´t allowed in because it was only open certain days of the week. Outisde of the palacio were all these scupltures done by a Medelliner(reallyknown as Paisas), Botero. He sculpts in oversize beings. In other words, the scuplure will be of a fat person AND the sculpture itself would huge.

That same day Jamie left(too sick), and Kate and I moved on out of the ghetto and on to the posh suburbs of EL Poblado, from where I write right now.Today, I plan to go Paragliding. Oh i can´t wait.

P.S. please excuse the lack of spaces between words. The space bar has not been cooperative.


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