Colombia Part Deux


We have been in Colombia for about a week and a half. After a so so Venezuela, we crossed the Venezuelan Colombian border in a 1981 Chevrolet caprice that looked like it would fall apart at any minute. Taganga was our next spot. Like last time, I enjoyed the beach and the laid back atmosphere that the small fishing village of 3000 had to offer. However, this time it was a whole lot hotter, spiking one day at 100 degree fahrenheit with a heavy dose of humidity. The result? If you got caught out walking in the sun during midday you would need to drink a lot of water to recover. In fact, Kate and Jamie needed to drink oral rehydration salts to fend off dehydration.

One of the nights in Taganga gave us a special, unexpected gift: A Flamenco dance show! According to Kate–who saw many flamenco shows from her time in Spain–the type we saw in Taganga was different, but just as good. However, the really special part about it was the man behind the guitar. He sung and played the guitar in deep, moving tones. The sort of music to wash over you and temporarily take your thoughts away.

To escape the heat of Taganga, we took a day trip to a small village on the slopes of the nearby sierra de santa marta. It was a small village situated in a jungle-like climate. Much cooler, temperature wise, than Taganga. Nothing to write home about, but nonetheless worth the trip to cool off.

After Taganga, we went to Cartagena, the gem of Colombia´s coast. I´d already been there, so I won´t repeat everything I saw. However, we did go to Playa Blanca, somewhere I have not been before. This beach is located about an hour south of Cartagena on Isla Baru. We took a boat there. The water was a clear greenish blue. Great colors. It wasn´t so much the spectacular clarity of the water that made this beach stand out over others, but that we had it basically to ourselves. After the tourist boats left for the day, we sat in our beach chairs without a soul in sight and watched the sun set over the clear blue carribbean. It was something straight out of a Corona commericial(I drank beer, but unfortunately not Corona). The sun set, and we went back to out ¨cabanas¨. Everything was swell until we went to sleep. At around 10 p.m. the nice sea breeze that we enjoyed all day abruptly ceased and what remained was a sticky, hot, and oppressive air. Other than that, though, it was the best beach experience I have had. See yall lata.


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