I think the title to this post is Italian. I’m not sure. Whatever, I’m done! Yesterday was my last final for the spring semester. I am 2/3 done with Law School. Next thing you know I will be another member of the profession people love to hate. Yay! What other news is on the horizon in life through the lens of me?

On Sunday, Kate, Jamie, and I will be flying into Caracas, Venezuela. From Caracas, we will move west, hitting Taganga, Cartagena, and finally Medellin. At the latter juncture, Jamie will be leaving us and Kate and I will fly to Buenos Aires. We will stay there till June 19th. It should be an interesting adventure. Be sure to check in on my overly detailed accounts of the trip.

See you all later. I am going to step out into the fresh spring air, content that no more work–at least for the next month or so–hovers over my head.


One Response to “Finito”

  1. J-Cuffs Says:

    you left out like 4 cities we’re travelling to mr. man

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