Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez met at the latest Summit of Americas. They shook hands and treated each other in a friendly manner. Obama, in his speech there, hinted that current U.S. policy towards Cuba should be changed.

As expected, the U.S. right is bitching and moaning that Obama is chilling with and appeasing evil dictators(Cuba and Venezuela). Chavez is a prick, sure, but he is an elected official. Cuba is not a democracy, but the trade embargo against them has done nothing. It’s time for a change in policy towards Latin America, like loosening restrictions against Cuba, and I welcome Obama’s initial steps.

As a side note, I also think a warming in relations with Chavez and others is good on global international scale for the U.S. Recently, Iran, Russia, and China have been doing business with Venezuela. By befriending the caustic Chavez, or at least not yelling across the Caribbean at him, the U.S. can shift some of the power from our not-so friendly peoplle in Iran, Russia, and China to itself. Maybe this is completely off the mark, but it makes sense in my mind.


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