Go New York!


Today, Governor Paterson of New York introduced a bill to legalize gay marriage. This is the article. This is good news, and hopefully it passes through the legislative process to become law.

I have written about this before, buy let me reiterate my thoughts in a brief manner. People, be they gay or straight, are entitled to the same basic rights. I, as a straight person, should not be able to say whether a gay person can or cannot marry. It’s simple.

Unfortunately, others do not see this the same way. They say gay marriage will undermine traditional, heterosexual marriage. The latter argument is deeply flawed. There is no evidence–I mean absolutely none–that by letting gays marry, traditional marriages will suffer. Here is an outrageous example of the type of logic behind anti-gay marriage supporters:

The town of Jamboree has a population of 3000 people. Out of that 3000, 200 are gay. The rest are straight and married. One day, the rogue mayor of Jamboree decides to change the law and allow gays to marry. Due to this momentous event, many married couples had second thoughts about what they wanted in life. They thought: “Ohhh, gay marriage is legal now, so I should go get eloped with a person of the same sex and dump my current spouse of the opposite sex.” Heterosexual marriages decline dramatically and Jamboree stops producing children. The end.

Yeah, this kind of backwards, illogical reasoning is what restricts basic rights to a large segment of our population. Go New York!


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