The Second Ciudad Day.


The second day was probably the easiest, though still not that easy. We woke up early, and began walked for around 4 hours for the whole day. We arrived at our campsite around 1 p.m. On the way to our campsite, we stopped at a great swimming spot. The river here widened into a deep, relatively wide piscina(swimming pool). Nancy, Andres, Rita, Saul(the guide), and I had this whole little paradise to ourselves. The jungle served as a calming, beautiful back drop. A rock outcrop sat above the river at about 20 feet. All four of us, one after another, climbed up to the top of this rock and plummeted down into the water below. It was a great rush. I unfortunately did not get this on video. After the refreshing dip, we went on trekking.

At the campsite, most of us went down to the river to laze upon the rocks, soaking in the sun. I did not. Instead, I drank 6 beers and smoked too many cigarrettes. I think these bad habits were what eventually caused me to get sick on the second to last day. Bad me, bad. Anyway, the day went on without much event. Later, we ate dinner, then went to sleep. It was another uncomfortable sleep.

The third day was tough. We went up an incline for more than hour straight. I was dead tired. After several hours of walking, we got to the final stretch before going up to Ciudad Perdida. The problem was that the final stretch involved about seven river crossings. I had to cross the river seven times within an hour barefooted. It involved a lot of pain and frustration. Walking on slippery, wet rocks hurts. When the pain shoots through your body, your natural instinct is to just fall into the river. I could not do that because my bag, with the camera inside, would get taken down the river with the current. After this hora de dolor, we got to the steps leading up to the lost city. 1200 steps to be exact. I had to keep moving up the steps to avoid a mosquito onslaught. We arrived, and it was some breathtaking stuff.


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