A Farewell


This will be my last dispatch from Colombia. My time is winding down. I leave in about 24 hours.

I can´t stress enough how glad I am that I did this trip. It makes me feel alive. Yesterday, sitting on the beach by myself, a random smile appeared on my face. It was a smile of thorough satisfaction.

Images of Colombia, and what I have done here, slide through my mind to collect into a pleasant mirage. I will miss it. I want to come back already. I don´t want to go back to Law School, where the bitter reality of my life awaits. Work, Work, Work, Death. I almost don´t want to look for a summer law job. Alas, duty is a bitch but a necessary one.

On to brighter notes.

I´ve probably lost about 20 lbs overall. I am darker than an African in the hottest of deserts. Also, my spanish listening skills need some work. Sorry for this disjointed, minimum post. I just don´t have it in me at the moment to write properly.


2 Responses to “A Farewell”

  1. graham Says:

    Way to get out there and experience a big ol’ slice o’ life. Traveling is one of my favorite things in the world and it always makes me happy when I hear of other people sharing in my passion. Will you be posting pictures from your trip online somewhere?

  2. B-Ryan Says:

    Yeah, I am about to do it now, on Facebook. I’m not sure if you are my friend there. If not, I’ll add you.

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