The night was rambling along at a reasonable pace. Julabu and her crew, which consisted of Bpoppitypop, Crickshaw, and Polyester were walking in the vicinity of SOHO in Manhattan. Julabu yelled: “Hey bitches, let’s go to the Tequila Twister bar. I hear they have buy one, get two free Vodka waters”. Bpoppitypop replied: “That does not apply to me, yo, I only drink vodka tonics.” Julabu made a furious snorting noise, then charged at Bpoppitypop, screaming: “WE WILL GO TO TEQUILA TWISTER FOR I COMMAND IT”. Bpoppitypop’s langurous body clattered upon the pavement as Julabu rammed into him. Bloody and confused, Bpoppityop smelled something. He said “Did I land on dogshit or something? It reeks!” He then saw the source: a large, steaming pile of crap was squarely beneath where Julabu stood, to the left of Bpoppitypop. As it turned out, in her excitement at demolishing Bpoppitypop, Julabu had lost control of her bowel movements. Julabu and Co. burst out laughing, heading towards Tequila Twister’s entrance. Amazingly, the rest of the night went without incident.


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