Seven Days left.


I sit in a dreary classroom. Next Friday, I will board a flight to Bogota. I can’t wait. For me, staying in one place for too long pecks away at the general health of my soul. And I have not been outside U.S. borders since June 2007. That’s almost two years. To make matters worse, as a Law Student, responsibilities have slowly but steadily accumulated with each passing day. A lifetime of work in one geographic location is not appealing. It is, quite frankly, depressing.

These problems I face, however, are solely a result of being spoiled. Ironic. I’ve grown up privileged. Although I have paid for the majority of my excursions abroad, I am under no illusion that if my overhead expenses(i.e. tuition, healthcare, housing) were not so graciously covered by my parents, I would probably not have had the pleasure to travel.

Travel is, if one takes into account the whole world’s population, an elitist activity. In other words, a very small percentage of people worldwide get to travel for fun. I don’t really have a point here, except to say that if given the slightest opportunity to exit our borders, do it! You will feel a whole lot better than you did before.


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