Hamas Cares Not for its People.


The recent Israeli-Gaza conflict killed many Palestinians. The estimates range from 210(Israel’s estimation) to 900(Palestinian estimation). For the latter number, 410 were children. Thankfully, on January 17th Israel declared a unilateral ceasefire. The following day, Hamas declared its own ceasefire, albeit in a lukewarm manner.

One would think if a government suffered such heavy human casualties, it would think twice about instigating further suffering upon its people. Children and women, for the most part, deserve their governing entity to act in their best interests. Death certainly is not in someone’s best interest. Alas, Hamas does not heed common sense’s basic doctrines. Today, a long-range rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip into Israeli City. This is unacceptable. By breaking the cease-fire, Hamas basically says, “we don’t care if our children are killed or irreversibly maimed.” Before the most recent Israeli-Gaza conflict, it could be argued Hamas did not know Palestinian civilians would be affected in such a devastating way.(although that is probably not the case). Now, however, Hamas knows exactly the potential consequences further violence will cause: more civilian deaths.

Why, then, does Hamas persist in acting contrary to the Palestinians’ best interests? Two answers present themselves. 1. They are stupid and somehow believe waging a never-ending war will eventually make everything better, or 2. They are puppets of Iran and Syria who, in their distorted vision of reality, believe the destruction of Israel is necessary to the existence of a Palestinian state.(There are more answers, which I refer to further on) In other words, the drive behind these three actors is more ideological and political than practical.

I’m inclined to go with answer # 2. For quality sake, I will refer to Hamas, Iran, and Syria as H.I.S. H.I.S.’s actions are ideological because they have no roots in reality. Reality, defined here, is to improve the quality of life of people living in the Palestinian Territories. Obviously, an all-out war against Israel cannot improve Palestinians’ lives. What it can, has, and will do is cause death and suffering. Of course, even more disquieting, from an American’s point of view, is that H.I.S.’s real wish is to cancel out Israel’s source of power: the U.S. Hence the whole, oh no, what if Iran gets Nukes. Israel isn’t going anywhere. Get over it.

H.I.S.’s actions are political for a similar, but ultimately different reason. If everything were all peaches and cream between the Palestinian people and Israel, H.I.S. could not use the Palestinians and their plight as a tool to further their own political interests. Those interests? Regional dominance and the extinguishment of a formidable opponent(both militarily and economically): Israel, and to a lesser extent the U.S. If Israel were not there, Iran and Syria could enhance their own interests against those of the U.S. in the Middle East Region.

If there is any doubt left to whether Hamas does not care for its people and are puppets of bigger, insidious forces, one only need look at Hamas’ declarations and travels after the Cease-fire. Hamas published a statement saying, “we won the war”, referring the the Gaza conflict. What did Hamas win? 1200 casualties? Clearly, Hamas said this as a political rallying point. If they won at all, it was to continue the constant assault on Israel without concern for what matters: the people. Furthermore, this last Sunday, Khaled Mashaal, Hamas’ top political leader, met with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Iran. The purpose: “…thanked Iran Monday for its support during Israel’s Gaza offensive, calling his movement’s most powerful ally a “partner in victory.” Hamas, a puppet? Damn straight. Sadly, this “victory” is only a victory in death.


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