A Nascent Idea


With the oppressive dullness of Law School constantly exerting its pressure upon me, I’ve been itching to create my own entertainment. Others’ words and actions can only go so far. Specifically, I have had the urge to create a work of fiction. However, whenever I thought of the daunting task of crafting a future path of events for characters that would be interesting, I became discouraged. Today, randomly, I came up with a solution: write a historical novel. It is perfect for an amateur such as myself. The basic foundations are already in place. i.e. all I would have to do is build onto something that is already there.

Luckily, the thesis I wrote in college covered quite an exciting piece of history: A ruthless war waged between Mexico’s Catholics and the grimy new revolutionary Mexican government. This may work out to be great, mediocre, or a total disaster. Now I have to go dig up my thesis to refresh my memory.


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