OH NO! Socialism is here!


It’s been ringing across the conservative networks and blogosphere: Obama is a socialist and the U.S. will become the next France. Before I get into what is flawed about this scare tactic, I ask a question: How come these pundits never describe what the actual quality of life is like in France, or any other European country? Probably because it would cloud their point and make them confront real questions about whether the majority of American citizens would prefer the U.S. style of life or the European one.

Ok, now to the substance. Socialism, or at least the version Obama supports, is not Castro or Lenin’s communism where everyone is paid the same wages regardless of their merit. What Obama wants, and what Europe currently does, is ensure that the divide between the haves and haves not does not reach astronomic levels. If that does occur, and history will back me up on this one, the human cost can be great and tragic. (Remember, this all assumes that Obama wants to transform the U.S. to a European style government, not something that is certain.) Also, programs like National Healthcare are not really socialist in the generally understood meaning. One’s health should not hinge upon one’s ability to manipulate the market and accumulate wealth. It is great that some people are naturally gifted and can use that to do well in life. But that is no reason to value one person’s health over another’s. Think of it like the police. In most situations, the police respond to calls from the community regardless of the caller’s wealth. If Obama’s proposals lean towards socialism a little bit, then so be it. That’s what the U.S. voted for.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Dick Morris need to stop hating on Obama and direct their wrath on the American people. The American people voted for Obama. The latter was unequivocal in the policies that he would pursue if he were to become president. National Healthcare, for example, was one of the central components of the Democratic’s appeal to voters. We knew what he wanted to do, and we voted for him anyway. That is the will of the people and Obama will(hopefully) do his best to carry out the peoples’ wishes. If the people think that billionaires buying mega yachts while millions of hard working middle-class civilians lack basic healthcare is wrong, then the people may act. Get over it, pundits. Privately, I bet some viewers, and maybe the hosts themselves, wish the Republican party mounted a Coup d’etat and permanently retained control over the U.S. If we, the people, want Socialism, then we will have it. If one disagrees with the last statement, then one by default disagrees with our form of government. And then, haters, you are just shit out of luck.


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