Guantanamo Bay: The Dilemma


Due to the latterly mentioned boredom, I will entertain myself by touching on a popular political topic: Guantanamo Bay.

Terrorists are bad. They are dangerous. They are a threat to the security of not just the United States, but the whole world. If the U.S. catches a suspected terrorist, what is the proper way to go about eliminating the threat they(potentially) pose? Our last president, Mr. Bush, thought that Guantanamo Bay was the best solution. Put suspected terrorists, even without any reliable evidence showing guilt, in prison where no set guidelines or rules were set down. This, naturally, led to some problems. For example, there were several inmates there held for years(and some still are) without any chance at contesting the charges against them. Time for a little role play to put this wrongness of this into perspective.

You are tilling your land at the edge of some humongous Hindu Kush mountain in rural Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the town you live in is a hotbed for the Al-Qaeda group. You despise these fellows for their cave-dwelling habits and the numerous demands they make for you to join them. After a long time of unsuccessful lobbying, a frustrated member of Al-Qaeda leaks information tending to support a theory that YOU are the boss of the local Qaeda cell. One day shortly after this leak, an intimidating, loud Helicopter lands right in your town square! White people in camouflaged suits with typical assault weapons leap off the copter, screaming, ABDULLAH YUSEF, YOU BE FUCKED. They pick you up, tie your hands behind your back, then place you into an uncomfortable position in the copter. Next thing you know, you are getting out of a plane and notice that it is quite warm and humid. Then, for the next three years, you sit in a jail cell without any idea of what is going on. It infuriates you. Before this extraordinary event, you were indifferent to Americans. You only wanted to till your lands in peace. Now, you hate them.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why Guantanamo is wrong. People, just like you and me, are being arbitrarily held in prison with no avenue for relief, regardless of what excuplatory evidence may be available.

The rights of innocents must be weighed against the danger of the guilty. Guantanamo didn’t even consider the rights of innocents. Worse, it dealt with the potentially gulity in a woefully inadequate way. By not prosecuting suspects in an efficient manner, the real bad guys were able to gather ammunition and make the U.S. look bad(i.e the U.S. tortured us etc). If these suspects were dealt with quickly, and with some degree of fairness, the threat these terrorists posed would be better dealt with. Or just kill suspects when they are found.


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