Joe "the plumber".


We all remember John Mccain’s invocation of Joe “the plumber” during the last presidential debate. Ok, not that big a deal. Just this month, he signed up to be a news correspondent to cover the Israeli-Gaza conflict. Last night, on the impeccably fair and balanced fox show Hannity, Joe provided empty echoes of what Hannity asked him. For example, regarding Geitner(our freshly minted secretary of the treasury) not paying his taxes, Hannity asked Joe: Do you think there is a double standard for people in power such as Geitner? Joe: “yes, i think there is a double standard” Duh. Remember, this guy is a Plumber. He has not one kernel of practical or educational experience in journalism.

This sudden ascendancy in Joe’s career is disgusting. By that, I mean, our society values entertainment over substance. There are plenty of other better qualified journalists than Joe the plumber. Apparently(and unfortunately) many people are too bored or apathetic to follow a devastating conflict with potential for major global implications if a non-celebrity journalist is covering the story.

Semi-serious suggestion: require journalists to pass a qualifying exam(such as the bar exam) in order to practice their profession. Probably would not work, but this shameless example of Joe the plumber stains America’s society.


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