The Police Need an Independent Prosecutor.


Oscar Grant III was killed in cold blood on the first day of 2009. The video speaks for itself: search for “bart shooting” on What makes this death different from others is that the perpetrator was a police officer and it was caught on video. Shocking, really.

Also a bit of a shock is that the officer has yet to be charged with a crime. If this were any other run-of-the-mill person killing other person case with the same evidence available(candid cameras), the suspect would most likely have been charged by now. Which brings me to another point.

Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell come to mind. They both were shot dead by police officers with a generous amount of bullets fired their way. Both were unarmed. The officers in both incidents were never convicted of any crime. Maybe their defense(they really thought their life was in danger) was good enough. But, come on, these two killings are at the very least manslaughter or negligent homicide. A central reason why police officers often get off the hook for criminal activity is that they work, hand in hand, with the same people that are in charge of putting them in Jail. It’s a clear conflict of interest. If the prosecutor does not try a case as hard as they usually do, then the chance of justice being done is less likely. This is what happens time and time again. It is occurring right now with the murder of Oscar Grant III. Put that cop in Jail. The video leaves no ambiguity.

Some experts say the officer could have mistaken his handgun for a taser. Interestingly, statistics show that this happens very rarely. Therefore, giving the benefit of the doubt to the officer, his actions are at least some form of negligent homicide. A man died for no reason except for the egregious error on behalf of a police officer. 12 days with no action from the prosecutor is unacceptable.

SOLUTION: create a neutral, independent prosecutor responsible for charging police officers with whatever their crimes be.


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