The Carnage Continues


“War is not a picnic” said Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. I disagree, Sir. Picture this: A family of 5 is eating some chicken noodle soup at their kitchen table. They sip on some juice and are enjoying their hearty meal. Then, out of nowhere, a quite large projectile with sizable explosives connected to the tip pierces through the wall of their house, exploding. The soup evaporates instantly. Arms, eyes, legs, ears, blood, guts, and much more savorable things fly in a chaotic directions throughout the building, eventually splattering onto the nearest solid surface.

A picnic. A demented, perveted picnic carried out by the Israelis with reckless abandon. I can’t stand for it. According to a report in Newsday, since the bombardment began 4 Israelis have been killed. An estimated 460 palestinians have been killed, 125 of them being civilians. And all that Israel can say is “Ultimately Hamas is solely responsible for this crisis and today they are paying a price for that”. Right. That defies logic, sir. When you drop ridiculous amounts of bombs, missiles, and other weaponry into a heavily populated area you have to, at the very least, take some responsibility.

Try this: “Hamas are terrible terrorists who must be stopped. Unfortunately, we have unintentionally killed a sizeable amount of civilians to stop the terrorists”. Nope. Not even that.

The Bush administration hasn’t criticized Israel in the slightest. Confounding.

Hopefully, Obama doesn’t blindly support states that act contary to our interests.


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