Deathly Stupidity


If you have paid attention to the news lately, another burst of fighting between Hamas and Israel has broken out. The subjective intentions of Hamas and Israel aside, the killing of innocents on both sides is unacceptable and, I think, frustratingly perplexing.

Apparently(correct me if I’m wrong), armed groups from the Gaza Strip have been firing crude rockets into Israel on a consistent basis for the last several months. Maybe they have nothing better to do than incite the other side so they can go on with the glorious jihad. Either way, some innocent Israeli civilians have died as a result. Then, just a couple of days ago, Israel responded in force, killing upwards of 300 people and injuring more than 800. According to news reports, most casualties were members of Hamas’ police force and other undesirable peoples in the minds of many. However, at least 20 deaths were children under the age of 16. 9 were woman. Who can tell how many children and women severely injured. Like I said earlier, subjective intentions aside, a significant number of innocent human beings have died as a result of this fighting. I’m not sure, but I would bet that more people in Gaza have died than in Israel. So, Israel, what gives? It is undoubtedly important to protect your own people, but when you kill more than you have lost, it sounds bad. Could it be simple revenge?

If it is revenge(with a mix of tactical reasons), then it is only another ugly milestone on the path to more death and destruction between two peoples. This new fighting will only cause more fighting in the future. It will do nothing to improve security in Israel and certainly not in Gaza. So, please, stop.


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