Genocide in Our Backyard

Within the last couple of weeks, I have heard two disturbing comments about “arabs”(the speakers mean to include all muslims). First, someone was reading the news, and saw that Iraqis were using poison to get rid of stray dogs. His response: “poor dogs, the arabs should just die instead”. Second, someone else mentioned that we should kill all the arabs and then there would be no problems(referring to the mumbai terrorist attacks). One would think that with history freshly imprinted upon our minds(Holocaust, Bosnia, Armenia, Rwanda, Darfur, Stalin, etc), we would be less willing to jump straight to the genocide track for solving the worlds’ problems. But, alas, too many on both sides of the western-islamic divide think that the elimination of one people will somehow improve things. The reverse is the reality: death leads to more death and death improves nothing. Look at every genocide in recent history and ask yourself the question: was it worth it?

Approximately 1,200,000,000 Muslims inhabit the World. An impossible number for the human mind to grasp. As for terrorists, no one is sure how many are out there. Surely, the number of terrorists doesn’t come remotely close to 1.2 billion. If it did, there would be just a little bit more of an attack rate, right? A hypothetical will be useful.

400 million muslims really are dastardly. To be rid of these pests, however, one(the U.S.) must not only kill the guilty ones, but also the 800 million innocent people. All are killed. Genocide has been committed. The U.S., along with its citizens, stand condemned for eternity by the powers that be (gods, if you like). I’d rather die than commit atrocities. A bold statement, I know, and there exists a good chance that many whom are faced with impossible choices will cede to whatever is in their immediate best interests. For the long run, however, death begets death and one should try their utmost to do the right thing: don’t commit genocide.

On a brighter note, final season is here and I hate it.


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