In the cold, still pre-dawn hours of November 26, 2008 Kate(fabulousness embodied) and I began our journey to Columbus, Ohio, a 9-10 hour drive west of New York. The drive was fairly eventless, made interesting only by our surpise entrance into West Virginia.

We arrived around 2 p.m. Sonia, Kate’s friend that we were visiting, had a small but spacious enough 2 bedroom apartment for less than 800 dollars a month rent! An apartment that size could go for 2 grand a month on Long Island.

Columbus was simple. Besides the city center(it had pretty buildings but was like a ghost town), the landscape was almost completly flat, interspersed with strip malls and many Tim Horton’s coffee shops. I love their Iced Cappucinos.

On Thanksgiving, Kate, Sonia, Jarrod, and I drove two hours northwest to feast with Jarrod’s family. It was pure farmland, with farm after farm after farm blotting out the horizon. Occasionally, patches of trees appeared instead of farms. We got to the house(Jarrod’s uncle) and went inside. There were about 20 people at the dinner, all with thick midwestern twangs. They were a friendly folk, willing to share thanksgiving with near strangers. The food was properly delicious, although the pumpkin pie didn’t match my mom’s. A conversation I had with Jarrod’s uncle sums up well the impression Ohio left. We got to talking about New York and he said: “I’ve never been there, I wouldn’t want to be around so many people.” I responded: “Yeah, people that are born out in the country usually don’t like going to the city and vice versa”. Of course, that wasn’t entirely true. I was, after all, in the country, and not for the first time. I may be wrong, but the sentiment Jarrod’s uncle expressed is representative of much of America. Without the opportunity to experience difference, one may go their whole life without stepping out of their immediate comfort zone. It is sad. There is so much the World can offer.

On a funny note, Jarrod, his friend Johno, and I went to a shooting range to fire off a couple shotgun slugs. The propietor of the gun range got a phone call from a customer looking to buy ammunition and in response he said in a thick accent, “ever since Obaaama got elected, we sold out over 30,000 rounds of ammunition. We don’t have any left.” The customer hung up. The owner looked at the phone and said, “what? I didn’t elect him”. Had to be there.


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