The Jaded Dream


Winter looms. The wind whips mercilessly at your face, leaving all your extremities numb. A perfect setting to lose one’s lofty aspirations.

I am an idealist, unfortunately. Idealists break easier because, again unfortunately, that ideal is unattainable. Let me frame this into context.

In this short life thus far, I have made several observations and subsequent judgments. For example, Children ravaged by disease, hunger, and war. The judgement: this should not happen and I will do my best to ensure it does not. The big question, and often unanswerable, is this: What does one do? My answer was to become a lawyer and use that skill(in what specific way, I can’t say) to purge the world of the latter injustice mentioned. A giant problem presents itself: LIFE.

Reality is bitter. My Immigration Law class serves a perfect example. There is no doubt that, as a lawyer, one can help immigrants obtain a better life. The catch is this: the process to actually help that immigrant is like trying to compete on an ultra-hard version of Gladiators. And even if you get through that obstacle course, there are impenetrable walls often waiting at the end. The complex panoply of Immigration Laws are hard to grasp, and once you do, a Judge in a foul mood can still deny your client relief based solely on his discretion. Of course, that isn’t the most frustrating part of it.

12,000,000 humans dwell amongst us in the shadows. They have no avenue of relief. What does one do to help these people? Deport them? Wait for our efficient government to pass comprehensive immigration reform? Neither. Therein lies the seeds of jade. One can fight. One can run for office, or relentlessly lobby the legislature do their job. But one can do this for a lifetime, and still see no significant gains on the lofty goals they set so long ago.

Two significant challenges stand out: 1) to pursue your original goals and 2) to fight the constant pull of the jaded. Never succumb.

I think the next post will refer to those who prefer the shortcut: case in point: Ernesto “Che” Guevara.


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