The Sedentary Life


Law School has drained out the adventure in my life. There is nothing like stepping off an airplane into a radically new, different locale. And, alas, that is no longer possible in the ever-increasing debt infested Law School atmosphere.

The last time I forayed outside the borders of the USA was in June, 2007, when I went to Peru. How I yearn to return to the enchanting world of South America. It started with a humid morning in Stony Brook, New York, from whence I began my short journey. As I stepped out of the airport in Lima, I was shocked at the difference in temperature. It was cold and the whole city was cloaked in fog. On the taxi ride from the airport to the hostel, I gazed out the window at the streets of Lima; at the chaotic traffic, at the steep cliffs facing the pacific ocean(check out the pictures to get a real sense of it).

Arriving at the hostel in the darkness of the evening, I dropped off my bags and went straight to the in-house bar for some beer and vodka tonics. I met a host of different people: British, Dutch, American, Peruvian, South African, and Canadian, to name a few. The first night was ok. I was still trying to settle in.

Groggy and hungover, the next morning I took a cab from the hostel to the city center, which was about 10 minutes away. The cab driver was amiable, and we chatted a bit about our own life stories. The Plaza Mayor(city center) was fairly average as far as plaza mayors go in Latin America. The usual Cathedral, Palace(president stays there) and other big, fancy buildings. Most striking were the two armored personal carriers, with heavy machine guns attached to the top, stationed in front of the palace. The day involved the usual tourist activities: checking off the lonely planet book’s list of things to do and see. For those of us that travel, one of the most rewarding aspects is not seeing specific landmarks–it is what you do between those landmarks, just taking it all in. After walking around the city center for several hours, I moseyed my way back to the Hostel and went out for another night of partying. The next day, I bought a 14-hour bus ticket to Arequipa, nicknamed the “white city” because many of the buildings are made of a white volcanic rock. Lima did not impress me too much. It was a giant, sprawling city with lots of traffic and less than perfect weather. Perhaps I did not give it enough of a chance to prove itself, but I looked forward to seeing what else Peru had to offer. From thereon, it never disappointed.

To be continued…


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